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Legal Terms

Article 1 – Preambule

Information and photos presented on the website Private, are updated from time to time, however they have no contractual value. The terms and conditions stipulated here prevail on them.

Private Loire

Certified by Atout France : n° IM041130007

Insurer : Groupama Paris Val de Loire

Financial warranty : Groupama Assurance Crédit

Article 2 : n° 94-490 dating 15 june 1994

This English translation is given herewith as a simple translation but it is the official French text in the Law that will be taken in case of dispute.
French Tourism Code with articles R211-5 to R211-13 asks the travel agents to give to their customers contracts and information including the following terms and conditions.

Before making a contract, the travel agent must provide the client information on its corporate name, address, prices, dates and any relevant information for the tour such as:

1- The destination, the means, characteristics, and category of transport used.
2- The type of accommodation, its location, level of comfort.
3- The meals provided.
4- The description of the itinerary in a tour, with the visits and what is included in the prices ( and what is not ).
5- The size of the group.
6- The percentage of the price to be paid as deposit and the schedule of payments.
7- The cancellation policy.
8- Health risk : the customer certifies that he/she does not have any physical condition or disability that would create a hazard for him/her or other travelers.

The information provided to the client binds the seller, unless the seller specifically reserves the right to change certain elements. In that case, the seller must clearly state the conditions and the elements that can be changed. In any case, the buyer must disclose in writing to the consumer any modification made to the foregoing information before the contract becomes effective. .

The contract between the seller and the buyer must be written, a copy sent to the buyer, and must be signed by both parties. The contract must include the information mentionned here above.

Visa requirements may be required. Please check with the local French Embassy or Consulate. Passports must be valid for six months following date of entry into any international country. It is the sole responsibility of the tour participant to secure a valid passport with sufficient blank pages for immigration and visa stamps. Uncompleted valid passport by Customer is not cause for complaint or refund.

Responsability : Operator expressly limits its’ performance to the delivery of a Tour. Operator will not be responsible for any direct or indirect consequential damages or injury that may result from a Tour. The Customer is completely responsible for all actions, and agrees to hold harmless Operator for any accident, damages or injury. Operator is not responsible for Acts of God or acts of war/terrorism, and Customer agrees to hold Operator harmless for any incident or injury resulting from the same, or as a result of any “force majeure”. Operator reserves the right to decline, accept, or retain at any time, any Customer, as a participant of a Tour, if Operator deems that Customer behavior is disruptive to the group or Tour, is inappropriate and offensive to the Group Transportation costs to return customer country, airline penalties, and any other expenses will be the responsibility of the Customer.

Travel insurance : We do not require you purchase travel insurance but we strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance (including trip delay, trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage insurance) once a trip has been booked. Health, accident, and emergency evacuation insurance are also strongly recommended.

Operator cancellation or modification : Operator may cancel any Tour at any time before departure for any reason, including without limitation, if Operator considers the number of Customers signed up for a given Tour to be insufficient to operate such Tour. Operator may in its’ sole discretion substitute a service or good of similar quality for any service or good stated in a Tour itinerary. Operator shall attempt to notify Customer of the cancellation of a Tour for which Customer has paid a deposit or Tour Fee as soon as possible after Operator’s final decision to cancel such Tour. If a Tour is cancelled, Operator’s liability is limited to a full refund of affected Customer’s Tour deposits and Tour Fees, and Operator will not be liable for any other costs, damages, or refunds of any kind for any loss, delay, inconvenience, disappointment, or expense whatsoever in such circumstances. Operator is not responsible for any loss incurred on account of non-refundable or non-transferable airline/train/ship tickets.

If Customer encounters any problem during the delivery of a Tour, Customer is requested to bring immediately the problem to the lead guide’s attention in order to give the guide the chance to correct the problem. Uncompleted or unused portions of any tour itinerary by Customer are not cause for complaint or refund.

Article 3 : Quote and Booking :

When a prospect requests a quote for a trip, he/she is not required to pay a deposit before Nicolas LEAL sends the quote. Nevertheless, for services whose duration is superior or equal to seven days or for any service whose total amount invoiced will be superior to twenty thousand euros, a deposit of 500 € (five hundred euros) will be requested, deductible from the final invoice if the prospect signs the contract. Otherwise, this amount will remain due to Nicolas LEAL for the work provided on the said service.

A booking can be validated only after the deposit ( 30% of total price ) has been received by Private Loire on its banking account and the client’ copy of the contract is signed and returned to Private Loire before date limit on the booking form.

Article 4 : Balance of total cost :

The balance of the total cost must be received on Private Loire bank account no later than 30 days before the first day of the tour. Should the payment not be received by this time, the tour is considered as cancelled by the buyer and the deposit is kept by Private Loire as a cancellation fee.
If the booking is made within 30 days prior to the start of the tour, the full amount must be paid at the time of the booking.

Article 6: Cancellation by the client :

The customer must inform Private Loire of his/her intention to cancel the tour before the departure, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. A change of date for an event is regarded as a total cancellation. The reduction in the number of participants or the duration of the event is considered as a partial cancellation.

Cancellation more than 45 days prior to departure : 10 % of total amount is due, with a minimum of 50 €
Cancellation between 31 and 45 days prior to departure : 25 % of total amount is due
Cancellation between 15 and 30 days prior to departure : 50 % of total amount is due
Cancellation between 5 and 14 days prior to departure : 80 % of total amount is due
Cancellation less than 4 days prior to departure : 100 % of total amount is due

In case of no-show or less than people expected on the arrival date, no refund will take place unless opposite decision from the travel agent.

These general terms and conditions as well as the contract made by ordering a vacation package online are governed exclusively by French law. Any dispute concerning the application of these terms of sale shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the department of Loir-et-Cher, in which Private Loire is located.
Nevertheless, the parties agree to try and reach an amicable resolution of any difficulties or of disputes concerning the interpretation, execution, or termination of the parties’ contract before starting any legal action.

Article 13 : Internet website

Nicolas LEAL, Private Loire se réserve le droit de modifier sans préavis les termes et conditions régissant ce site. En cas de nonrespect des termes et conditions régissant l’accès à ce site, Nicolas LEAL, Private Loirese réserve le droit d’appliquer toutes les mesures nécessaires, par la force de loi. Ses termes et conditions ne sont pas limités dans le temps et concernent tous les visiteurs.

L’accès au site vous confère un droit d’usage privé et non exclusif de ce site. Toute représentation ou reproduction, intégrale ou partielle, qui pourrait être faite sans le consentement de leurs auteurs ou de leurs ayantsdroit, est illicite. Nicolas LEAL, Private Loirene saurait être tenu responsable d’un dommage ou virus qui pourrait infecter votre ordinateur. Nicolas LEAL, Private Loires’engage à assurer une accessibilité du site à tout moment mais ne peut être tenu pour responsable en cas d’indisponibilité.

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